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Sandwiches / Luxurious Sandwiches

Luxurious Sandwiches

Delicious luxury sandwiches

€ 4,15 *
Price per 



​Our DeLuxe sandwiches are a mix of white/brown/sesame/whole wheat buns, italian, cereal, ciabbata, waldcorn and other delicious rolls
We will deliver these sandwiches on caterplates in caterboxes.

Vegetarian & Vegan

  • Creambrie with tomato and ruket
  • Vegetable spread with garnish
  • Old cheese with tomato, rocket & sprouts
  • Camenbert
  • Blue cheese 
  • Mozzarella with tomato and basilucum
  • Avocado (quacamole) with garnishes
  • Cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, egg and mayonnaise
  • Fresh home-made egg-salad with pickles
  • Ham/Cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, egg and mayonnaise
  • Roast beef with rocket
  • Dried ham with lettuce and pesto
  • Boiled egg with freshly baked bacon
  • Smoked beef with a boiled egg
  • Paté
  • Filet Americain with a couple of slices of egg
  • BLT with a thin layer of cream cheese
  • Fresh home-made salmon salad
  • Fresh home-made luxury tuna salad
The assortment can be seen up here, we make a mix with some of these sandwiches and make sure every day the mix is different. If you would like specific sandwiches, please tell us during the ordering process.  

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