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Terms and Conditions of
Article 1. Applicability

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all services provided on the website, the e-mail / & mobile phone.
  2. When the term "buyer" is discussed in the terms of conditions, this should be understood to mean any natural or legal person who places an order with us.
  3. The terms set out in the General Terms and Conditions may only be waived if agreed in writing.
  4. By ordering at, you agree to our terms and conditions.
Article 2. Conclusion of agreement
  1. The buyer is bound to our order in any form whatsoever.
  2. When a buyer wishes to cancel the order, the buyer must email this in advance at at least 48 hours in advance for orders from 250, - up, or 24 hours for orders under € 250, -. Unless otherwise agreed by email.
  3. Only cancellations by email are accepted.
  4. After the expiry of the relevant period, the buyer is obliged to pay 100% of original order.
  5. When order is fysically accepted, buyer is always required to pay the entire order.
Article 3. Prices
  1. All prices mentioned on the website are exclusive of 6% VAT.
  2. For orders on Saturday, a surcharge of 10% will be charged. For orders on Sundays and public holidays a surcharge of 25% will be charged. Buyer will always receive a custom invoice.
  3. Offers are valid for one month. If  agreed with an offer, the delivery date may be up to 12 months in the future.
Article 4. Delivery period
  1. The delivery time you indicated is a directive in which we hold a 30-minute margin.
  2. Of course, our aim is precise delivery!
Article 5. Liability
  1. is never liable for any damage suffered by the client, participants in the meeting, course or meeting and / or third parties unless it can be shown that the damage is the result of gross negligence or intention of or of one of it’s employees.
  2. Any claim by the buyer towards us relating to defects in the products we provide, expires if:
    A. The defects have not been brought to our attention within twelve hours after consumed order.
    B. The buyer gives us no / insufficient evidence in this regard to investigate the validity of the complaints.
  3. Buyer complaints related to purchased products must be made by the buyer within 24 hours of delivery.
Article 6. Personal Data
  1. The buyer is in charge of the accuracy and completeness of, and is responsible for the information provided to us.
  2. We will treat personal & corporate information strictly confidentially.
  3. By ordering on our website, you will give us permission to use photos of our products at your event or company on social media & our site, unless otherwise agreed.
Article 7. Payment
  1. Payment must be made in Euro’s, within 14 days of receipt, by subscription to IBAN NL24 TRIO 0784 9401 93 in the name of
  2. If the payment period is exceeded, we will send a reminder with the request to pay within 14 days of receipt of the reminder by subscription to IBAN NL24 TRIO 0784 9401 93 in the name of
  3. Upon exceeding the reminder period, we will send a reminder (increase of € 40, -) with the request to pay within 14 days after receipt of notice, by enrollment at IBAN NL24 TRIO 0784 9401 93 in the name of
  4. In case of non-timely payment of the notice, the buyer owes us all costs incurred by us, both judicial and extrajudicial. The extrajudicial collection fee for the payment of the claim by us is 15% of the amount paid, without a maximum and a minimum of €. 50, -. From the mere fact that we insure third-party assistance for collection, the size and courtesy of the buyer is shown to pay for extrajudicial collection costs.
Article 8. Force majeure
  1. Force majeure should be understood as any circumstance beyond our control which is of such a nature that compliance with the agreement can not reasonably be demanded from us.
  2. Force majeure also means hostilities of any kind, blockade, weather conditions, boycott, malfunctions in our company that ensure that we can not fulfill our obligations properly or in a timely manner.
  3. However, we will inform / arrange that the relevant order or a similar product will be delivered by fellow caterers. This is a service where no rights can be derived from.
Article 9. Applicable law and dispute settlement
  1. All agreements are governed by Dutch law.
  2. All disputes of any kind, related to / arising out of agreements entered into by us and our deliveries, are being investigated by the competent court in the Netherlands.

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